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Christmas Glass and Crystal Ornaments Christmas LED Lights Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
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Christmas Ornament Sets Christmas Tree Storage Bag Black Christmas Tree

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Target: The Christmas tree.
Mission: Getting there ASAP.
Loot: Get to choose the first gift and will be given two extra gifts.
Condition: First come first serve basis.
Haha: Just kidding. X-D

Playing near the Christmas tree can bring our memories of the past. As children, we knows that under that decorated tree, our good-behaves is now paid off. We wondered whether will we get the gifts we want all year long or not. Is it the first gift in our wanted list, or the second one, the forth one, or maybe the last one? Heehee.. But, do we know about that very prettily-decorated Christmas tree? ;-)

Usually a Christmas tree is an artificial tree or a living one, decorated prettily using lights, or candles, with garlands and colorful ornaments hanged all around, and a topper on top of it. All these serves as the tree accessories and decorating the Christmas tree has become a popular Christmas tradition.

Usually the tree for celebrating Christmas is an evergreen coniferous tree, most commonly used species is the fir. Fir are best because of their ability to retain their foliage color and scent, and also their needles does not shedding too much when they dry out.

Well, different place used different fir as their Christmas tree. Some of the most commonly used is the Balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Noble fir, Guatemalan fir and the Grand fir. Other variation of natural Christmas tree used is the Colorado pine, Scott pine, Norfolk pine and the Jeffry pine.

Getting your fresh and living tree might be the best option for your Christmas celebration. With it's irresistible charming and calming feeling, natural Christmas tree gives us sweet and refreshing fragrance that enchants and fills our Christmas air, thus making our celebration more alive than ever. This is the Christmas we want for, right? :-)

Looking for alternative tree? How about using the artificial one? ;-)



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